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"The first virtue of a painting is to be a feast for the eyes."

Eugene Delacroix

After the Fire.jpg

After the Fire

Yellowstone Lake

Latest News

Straight From Farqart Studio:

Diane is the Featured Artist at the Hood Avenue Art Gallery in Sisters Oregon beginning with the 4th Friday Artwalk on April 28th until May 26th, 2023.  She is presenting a new process and style of painting that combines abstract with realism.  Several of the paintings depict an abstract background with a realistic subject.  Subjects are varied and include a moose, a horse, a bear and a gathering of deer.  

Other paintings depict landscapes and show her love of skies, wide open spaces, and depth.  Often, she presents a barrier in the foreground in an attempt to get the viewer to look through and beyond the foreground to see the really truth, beauty, and significance of the painting.  It is her way to encourage everyone to look and think beyond what they see  and hear in life.  

Beyond painting, Diane is a published poet, writing Haiku and free verse.  She recently submitted several Haiku for publication. 

Hood Avenue Art Gallery of Fine Art
Sisters Art Association, Board member

Oil Painters of America
Maude Kerns Art Center
Emerald Art Center


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